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  • CARVE360™ Hot Knife

  • 6" Hot Knife Groove Adaptor with Guide Feet 

  • 3' NWFW Flat Wire

  • 4" & 6" Hot Knife Blades

  • 8" & 10" blades sold separately

  • Designed specifically where you can purchase NWFW wire and bend into a groove shape and connect the two ends of the band back into the hot knife. Maximum 21" of wire only. 

  • Hard plastic storage case and blade cleaning brush.

  • It ships with 2 Lithium-ion batteries that reach full charge in just over an hour ensuring users won’t have any costly down time.

  • A custom blade adapter is included with the tool, making it easy to use all of Demand Products’ hot knife accessories and original blades.


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6″ Carve360 Hot Groover Kit

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