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  • Designed specifically where you can purchase NWFW wire and bend into a groove shape and connect the two ends of the band back into the hot knife.  Maxinum 1' of wire only.

  • Now comes withOriginal Hot Knife Blade Adapter so you can useOriginal Hot Knife Blades with CARVE360 Hot Knife tool

  • Includes Hot Foam Cutter Knife Tool, 4". 6", 8" & 10" Hot Knife Foam Cutter Blades, Original Hot Knife Blade Adapter, Case and Hot Knife Cleaning Brush

  • Variable Power Control Heat Cutter

  • Hot Knife Heats Up in Seconds

  • Lightweight Hot Knife Foam Cutter

  • High-Quality Stamped Hot Knife Blades

  • Hot Knife Blades Cut Expanded Polystyrene EPS foam and Extruded Polystyrene XPS foam


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Carve360 Hot Knife Kit

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