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Basecoat and Adhesive for Type I EPS Foam Board/ Details

POLYBASE–WET is a polymer–based product designed to be mixed 1 to 1 by weight with Type 10 Portland cement to achieve a mixture that can be used as a basecoat and adhesive for Type I expanded polystyrene (EPS) board and foam shapes. In addition POLYBASE-WET can be used as a basecoat for Polyisocyanurate and mineral wool.

POLYBASE–WET is intended as a basecoat for acrylic stucco finish coats. It can also be used as a skim coat over concrete surfaces in preparation for acrylic stucco finish coat.

  • Outstanding strength and hardness
  • Excellent workability – trowels on easily
  • Increases productivity – through ease of spread
  • Superior adhesive qualities

Darmex Polybase Wet

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