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Shorter length, BIG performance.

From Mirka comes a highly flexible, light to handle sanding system to make sanding easier to balance and more ergonomic.


In construction and decoration work, the LEROS-S shines in sanding bathroom walls, narrow corridors, walk-in closets and more, with two dedicated grip points for full control. The LEROS-S features dual suction points for dust removal, making sanding virtually dust-free, which is a significant benefit when working in confined spaces. And just like the bigger LEROS sibling, the LEROS-S uses brushless motor technology for constant speed under load with no loss in efficiency under heavy pressure.

With the help of Mirka’s new STYRO Concept, fitting polystyrene insulation could not be cleaner. When leveling panel seams to achieve a uniform structure, debris is created from sanding insulation foam. To solve this, Mirka’s ergonomic and easy to use LEROS-S wall sanders are fitted with a special backing pad and Mirka STYRO abrasives together with a STYRO interface to make sanding work easy, clean and fast. The system is suitable for sanding underground and external insulation panels alike, for Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). As XPS is denser than the lightweight EPS, different abrasive grits are available to suit the density of the material.


Mirka Leros S Styro System

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