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TARGET® White Glass Block Mortar Mix is an accurate blend of white Portland cement, specially graded aggregates and admixtures to give increased ease of installation and improved water resistance.

Used For:

  • Set and grout all types of glass blocks.
  • Repoint or repair existing mortar joints that have been damaged.
  • Other applications where a white mortar is required.


  • The product is designed for use in the installation of glass blocks, but is also suitable for other applications where a white mortar is required.
  • The use of this premixed mortar eliminates the variability problems caused by site batching and guarantees a quality material with improved water resistance.


  • Typical quantities for standard installations per 100 ft² are:
  • 6” block – 10 bags
  • 8” block – 7 bags
  • 12” block – 5 bags


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