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The TigerClaw™ is our finely-crafted EIFS tungsten carbide wall rasp, offering the same unequaled EIFS rasp rasping quality as the original DuraRaspTM, but now 3 times better. Uniquely different from the DuraRasp™ - the TigerClaw™ has a “saw-tooth” edge designed to cut excess foam on edges and corners. It offers the dual benefit of working as a saw and shaving off high spots. 

Rasping an EIFS EPS foam wall may be done with any of our DuraRasp™ handheld rasping tools or by attaching self-adhering our abrasive rasp paper to a standard rasp tool.


Benefits and features:

  • Rasp those high spots even faster by shaving with the Tiger Claw!
  • Use the "Claw" to eliminate excess EPS on corners.
  • “Comfort-Grip” plastic handles.
  • Lasts 100 times longer than rasp paper
  • Available in 4" and 8"

Tiger Claw DuraRasps

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