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This Xypex High'n Dry concrete waterproofing cement seeps into the pores of concrete to prevent water penetration. It can be used for basement walls, concrete ponds, retaining walls and other concrete and masonry surfaces. It's easy to apply and made for interior and exterior use. This product protects concrete from deterioration and withstands water pressure.

  • Package Type: Container
  • Coverage: 1 lbs. 6 sq. ft.
  • Package Size: 80.0719 oz.
  • For waterproofing of concrete
  • Xypex High n Dry prevents water seepage, crumbling foundations, unhealthy dampness, musty odor, peeling paint, warped paneling, lifted tiles, damage to stored articles, dry rotting of studs
  • Used for basement walls, retaining walls, concrete ponds, other masonry applications
  • Additive Type: Sealer

Xypex High 'N Dry Concrete Waterproofing Cement

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